9 minutes a day to develop clients from LinkedIn

LinkedIn, as the most businesslike Social Media, offers a great opportunity to:

  1. Develop new client relationships
  2. Enhance existing client relationships
  3. Extend the life of a client and help them come back more readily

That’s why many Lawyers make good and effective use of it as part of their networking routine. Used well it enhances networking, it’s not a selling platform.

Why do many Lawyers avoid using LinkedIn?

Time! Of all those I’ve asked, Time comes out as the biggest perceived issue (second only to not knowing how to use it in the first place).

LinkedIn did some research and discovered the optimum amount of time is 9 minutes every day. OK, I accept they may be trying to boost their own product, but think about it some more. Here is your ideal daily LinkedIn routine (which assumes you have already got a decent LinkedIn profile)

How to build your client profile in 9 minutes a day on LinkedIn

  • Get and set your alarm clock! It’s easy to go overtime. Time boxing is a great technique to improve your efficiency
  • Write a status update: Maybe share some useful content for your target market or a good news story about you or your firm (new client won, etc)
  • If you have time left: Scan your LinkedIn wall and comment/like some of the updates by important people in your network. Or type their names in and see what their recent updates have been, then comment.
  • If you have time left: Look at who viewed your profile and send a message (or connect with) with anyone who is interesting
  • If you have time left: If you still have time left, go into one of your LinkedIn groups and leave one comment on one discussion
  • Now carry on with “your day job”.

Making LinkedIn REALLY work for you
There are some set up activities and thinking that will mean you get the most out of your time on LinkedIn.

  • Focus on your speciality. This is especially important in your LinkedIn professional headline. That is a short statement that allows people to decide whether you’re worth talking to….or not. Ensure your niche is clear in that 120 characters. Make sure it works for you. Click here and download our free LinkedIn professional headline worksheet (email address required).
  • Your Profile: Ensure it’s well written, highlights your personal credibility in your chosen niche. To download a free LinkedIn Profile checklist, click here (email address required).
  • Groups: Join in relevant, researched groups and use them to connect with potential clients. Groups give you the opportunity to demonstrate expertise and get to know people. Your choice of groups makes all the difference. Select groups with a lot of engagement and a large proportion of your target market in the group

You may, or may not like the 9 minute routine. But effective LinkedIn Lawyers all have a routine. What’s yours?

Written by , of venture-Now. The 5-50 Coach, who helps professionals to grow their practice from 5 to 50 employees, profitably, sustainably and while they still have a life.