NovoLawyer – A New Legal Directory from a Former Chambers Global Editor

Well, strike me down with a badger’s tail ….. the legal industry is about to get another legal directory. This latest one is called NovoLawyer and is the brainchild of a former colleague of mine at Chambers & Partners, Lloyd Pearson (profile here).

Lloyd was editor of Chambers Global and has worked for several law firms both as an  in-house marketeer and as a consultant so he has a pretty thorough knowledge of what law firms want and expect from a directory.

So what’s different about NovoLawyer? Well, hard to say so far. The website simply says “A new legal directory for a new era” which doesn’t really say much at all, and a brief Twitter conflab with Lloyd only revealed that it will be “Very different to Chambers and Legal500; that model is dated and no desire to replicate; NL will be dynamic, individual-led, user-friendly”.

Over on the NovoLawyer blog, Lloyd continues “NovoLawyer showcases lawyers from around the world in different practices and industry sectors, with a particular focus on international markets…..

A “next generation” legal directory, NovoLawyer provides a dynamic platform for lawyers in private practice to position themselves effectively to potential clients, referral partners, and the wider market.”

None of which really points to anything different. But Lloyd knows this game pretty well and I’m fairly confident that he wouldn’t be embarking on this project (in a very crowded market) if he didn’t have something up his sleeve. The intial web presence certainly looks slicker than his more established rivals (not difficult, admittedly) so I’m looking forward to updates on his blog and news of how it progresses.

As an aside, I’m just amazed that it’s taken this long for a former Chambers editor to start up a new directory. Good luck to you, Sir.