Why Use Defero Law?

I had my Dragon’s Den moment last week. You know, the moment when an entrepreneurial hopeful stands in front of those granite-faced, cash-endowed philanthropists and is asked to explain their business to them. Sometimes the business hopeful nails it. Some times they become paralysed by fear, completely forgetting not only their business plan but the very basics of the English language, how to count, and sometimes their own names.

Mine came in a slightly friendlier form than that but it came nonetheless. A marketing manager at a fairly well-known UK law firm called me up the other day and asked me one simple question: WHY?Richard, I love the site, I think it looks good and there is some great content on there … but why would I post MY content on there?

Gulp. Sink or swim time, Rich. In fairness to my interogator, he was being quite pleasant about it and was genuinely interested in how the site could leverage more exposure for his firm. Whether my answer at the time was as coherent as the list of reasons given below, I’m unsure. Probably not in truth. However, the fact that he called and asked the question prompted me to think that I need to spell out the reasons why individuals and firms should post content on Defero Law.

So, here’s my pitch, without aid of silly props, animals or pie charts and diagrams.

Search Engine Page Rankings:

If you post content on Defero Law it will, more often than not, feature highly in Google’s index. I recently wrote a blog post about the legal directories and how they interview lawyers for the research process. I wanted it to be found in a Google search using the keywords “Legal Directory Lawyer Interviews” so I titled it “Legal Directories – The Interviews With Your Lawyers”. It ranks number one on Google for a search on Legal Directory Lawyer Interviews. Incidentally, I also posted this as a discussion on LinkedIn and it’s nowhere to be seen in Google’s indexing.

The more descriptive the title of your content, be it a blog post, forum discussion, photo, video etc, the better it will perform in Google’s indexing. Lanyon Bowdler recently posted a blog post titled The Balancing of the Scales – Cuts vs Access to Justice. You know from the title what it’s about and its title contains the keywords most likely to be searched for (Cuts Access to Justice). Again, it ranks highly in Google.

Here’s another example: UK law firm Lanyon Bowdler recently posted a short blog post on the UK Governments u-turn on retaining DNA records. The title of their blog? Police Retain DNA Records, Despite Promise from Government to Delete. This post caused a spike in traffic on the day it was published because it was hugely topical in the UK that day and was found on Google using the search terms “Police Retain DNA Records”, where it ranked second behind the Guardian Newspaper.

You Control What is Published:

Hours of fee-earner time is spent assisting or approving the drafting of press releases, articles etc to post on your own website or to send to the trade press. Such newsletters have been, and indeed still are, useful both for marketing purposes and for keeping clients and potential clients updated with legal developments in practice areas of interest to them.

However, if a good deal of effort goes into producing content for a newsletter, it is important that such content is also delivered to other avenues on the web to give it greater exposure. Publishing on Defero Law is one powerful route to making that happen. Many law firms and lawyers are still missing out on the opportunities offered by blogging and posting content on social media sites. 

Here are a few reasons why you should post blogs and other content marketing on Defero Law:

• As mentioned above, the content becomes more visible in search engines, particularly if the posts are optimised with good titles, tags and quality content. 

 • Targetted traffic to the firm’s website increases, especially if the blog posts contains links to the author’s page or keyword links back to practice area pages on your firm’s website.

• The content becomes more fully searchable.

• The content can be distributed via RSS feeds to readers’ RSS readers or to social media networks. You’ll notice we have RSS feed options for all content on Defero Law so you can share whatever you post here wherever you like.

• Readers of your content can easily share the posts to their social networks.

• Content can be published immediately, rather than waiting for weekly or monthly intervals.

• Lawyers’ and firms’ reputations are enhanced as they demonstrate and share expert knowledge, which also promotes trust and brand loyalty.

Connect with people because of what they say not who they are.

Have you been to LinkedIn recently and been told that you might want to connect with so-and-so from somewhere you’ve never heard of? I have and I’ve caved in. I’ve connected with so many people my mouse hand hurts. Naturally, I have no idea who many of these people are but I’ve connected with them because I’ve been told we have something in common. We might have but chances are we don’t and usually I never hear from them again unless they’re spamming me with SEO advice. So why connect with someone that you’ve been told might be of interest to you? On Defero Law the emphasis is on connecting with people because of what they say not who they are.
Read something of interest?
Connect with the author.
Watched a video that was informative and entertaining?
Connect with the person who posted it.
And because we’re a niche legal community, not a network of 400 million people, there’s more chance you’ll find people here who are posting content that you value and build a meaningful relationship as a result. 


So there are some compelling reasons why you should post content on Defero Law. Many are already doing just that so why not join them and see what it does for your online presence?

If you want some pointers as to how to get started with content on Defero Law or how to optimise your content, head on over to our tips forum.