Aviva, making redundancies already? Is this true?

At the end of a week that is probably one that most people would like to forget (the sadness of the Boston marathon, the explosion near Waco, Thatcher’s funeral) the last thing that you’d want to hear is that another 2,000 jobs are set to go.  And in the insurance industry as well.   A significant number will be in the UK.  Just what we need, another 2,000 added to the unemployment line. 

If my source is correct, Aviva have an operating profit in excess of £2billion, yet they are about to axe 2,000 jobs and not only that, they are proposing to halve redundancy payments.  Oh look – an insurer treating their staff with complete disdain.  People losing their jobs because of failures in the boardroom is bad enough, but to then play around with their redundancy payments is nothing short of sickening.  This is a real smack in the mouth for the people that have the least – they will be made to suffer in the face of advancement of those that have the most. 

Cameron has shown, yet again, that he is only interested in increasing the profits and bonuses being paid to directors and shareholders of the insurance and finance sectors.   

The promises from the insurance industry once they’d sorted out all the greedy lawyers and personal injury claimants, were that premiums would be reduced etc.  I haven’t had any notifications yet, but I watch my door mat with great interest.  But if 2,000 jobs are now going, is THAT how they are going to fund this proposed reduction in premiums?  Perhaps they’d be kind enough to let me know, when they do decide to make my premiums much smaller. 

UNITE have said that this move is callous and disgraceful and I for one, agree.  How ironic that in a week when the world said goodbye to the woman who squeezed the very heart out of the unions in the UK, UNITE are having to get their gloves out and take on a massive insurer.  Good luck to you guys – I’ll be watching this with great interest.