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The Debate on the Working from Home Ban

Since the publication of recent articles regarding Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer’s proposal to ban workers from working from home instead of at the Yahoo offices, a great deal of debate has arisen surrounding the issue.

On the one hand, there are supporters of the ban, which has been instated, who agree that if workers are in fact working from home, instead of in the office, they are much less productive, as they do not have the boundaries of a normal working day and thus are pushed less…

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Fixing the Outcome

Apologies to all, but I am about to blaspheme, turn away now if you are easily offended.  You see I want to talk about swapping from hourly rates to fixed fees...I know shocking isn't it.


Fixed fees have been something which we all talk about, but few of us really use.  When we say fixed, what we normally mean is fixed, but only if I don't spend more time than that on your file which, in the grand scheme of things, isn't really a fixed fee is it?



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