A change imposed is a change opposed

Apparently the three most stressful situations in life are death, divorce and moving house.  I don’t fancy the first two that much so Team Ode recently chose the much easier option of upping sticks and moving house.   I’d never seen so many boxes.  I swear if I’d stood still long enough Mrs O would have had me bubble wrapped, labelled and boxed off.  After 12 years in our current home this was undoubtedly a massive change, but it was a change that we chose, it was a change imposed by ourselves, not by someone else.

Change is a constant; things change all the time.  Take a second to write down all the things that have changed in your life over the past 12 months both at home and at work.  Did you change your job, car, laptop, working hours, offices, colleagues, or maybe you changed your relationship status or moved home?  Now make a note of how many of these changes you chose to make and how many were imposed on you by someone else.   Chances are that the ones you chose were the least stressful or most certainly the ones you got the most out of.

As the old saying goes ‘A change imposed is a change opposed’.  Change that is thrust upon us without any consultation is the most stressful type of change and will undoubtedly be met with resistance.  

So, if you’ve got a change that needs to be implemented, whether it’s at home or back in the office, make sure you get the buy in of those involved; get their thoughts and opinions on the change. Listen to what they have to say and take their suggestions on board.  Do this right from the outset; after all as John Cleese once said, “If you are leaping a ravine, the moment of take off is a bad time for considering alternative strategies.”

Right, I’m off to enforce a massive change that I’ve imposed - No more looking at houses for at least another 30 years!


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