Best Law Firm TV Advert ... We have a winner!

The results are in! Our recent poll to find the best of the recent high-profile law firm adverts has a winner! Fighting it out for the title of, erm, "Best of the Recent Law Firm TV adverts" * were Quality Solicitors, First4Lawyers, Slater & Gordon and a little-known Aussie firm's effort that I threw out there as a curveball. The last one is the best one but it ain't the winner. Oh no.

703 votes were cast. That's a lot! Some have argued that the poll was rigged, some were more gracious and conceded that only First4Lawyers and Slater & Gordon bothered to ask their employees to vote. Who knows?!?

Recap the various efforts below and then check out the results below. The winner is ........

Quality Solicitors latest TV Spot (there are six of them! more here)


Slater & Gordon TV spot.


First4Lawyers TV spot.


And finally, to throw something rather more unknown and in total contrast to the above into the mix, Shine Lawyers TV Commercial (they're an Aussie firm)


I searched for an image of Andrew Castle holding aloft a trophy, you know because he's in the advert and it might be funny. Alas, no such image exists.


*recent as in I could find it on YouTube without too much trouble.



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