I love all my clients. Promise!!!  But I appreciate the fact that some of you my colleagues are not as fortunate.....

Here is a really cheerful website (provided you are not on the receiving end). 


Here is a snapshot:

CLIENT: Can you give me the phone number of someone on your team who will actually answer my calls? You never seem to.

ME: That’s because you  call between 12am and 7am. I’m sorry, but that’s usually when I’m sleeping.

CLIENT: That makes no sense.


ME: What we do here takes a lot of effort; you can’t just ask for something and not provide any details.

CLIENT: Ha, effort! You’re funny.

ME: Well, if it didn’t take effort, why couldn’t you do it yourself?

CLIENT: I have a life and a job. I’ll go find someone that will do whatever I tell him.


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Comment by Richard Pettet on January 15, 2014 at 17:29

Hi Yair,

I love this site and regularly visit if I'm in need of a laugh. My favourite all-time quote is this one:

"The website should essentially be about the negative effects of drugs, the dark side, you know, the horrible truth of addiction and desperation. And, also; I want a picture of Gandalf on there somewhere."

Actually, this happened to me this week when working on a design project for a client. He wanted a logo with the acronym 'ODH' spelt out in animals. When I asked what animals he said he had no idea but that he'd know when he saw them. Righto ....

Hope you're well.


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