Employment Law In Bitesize

#JustSaying.  They say that less is more. Res ipsa loquitur… “The thing speaks for itself”. Or, as the hashtag goes on Twitter: “Just Saying”. Could you sum up your career in 140 characters?  That’s what I’ve tried to do over the last two years – posting employment law tips on Twitter in 140 characters or fewer, using the hashtag #EmploymentLawTip. Forget the Latin maxims and legal prose … just punchy tips on HR and employment law in bite-size chunks.  140 of them, no less!

We published the first 100 tips in a handy e-Book last year. You might have come across it online.  I was overwhelmed by the feedback from the first edition. I hesitate to say that the publication of the e-Book went ‘viral’, but it kind of did! I had tweets, retweets, e-mails, LinkedIn posts and direct messages from as far afield as California, New Zealand…and Reading! It was great to see that the tips struck such a chord with fellow employment lawyers and HR practitioners from far and wide. Someone tweeted me to say that the title would have been better if it had read “140 #ukemplaw Tips in 140 Characters”.

So, always up for the challenge, I continued the tweets from Tip No. 100 onwards. In truth, I had missed the discipline of coming up with new ideas for tips on a regular basis. And here they are – printed, again, in the exact form that they were tweeted ~ http://bit.ly/10ET3SH. Have a flick through.  It won’t guarantee you CPD hours, but I hope that you get a nugget or two from the tips.  They might even make you smile.

Thanks again to everyone who has followed and connected with me on the back of this and, in particular, to those who re-tweeted the #EmploymentLawTips and the first edition of my e-Book. I hope that you will continue the conversation online and please feel free to share this 2nd edition of my e-Book with connections and followers in your professional (and social!) network.

140 #ukemplaw Tips in 140 Characters ~ e-Book

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