Good news, bad news, good news

First the good news. Then the bad news. Then the good news again.

The coalition government comes in for some stick but it is not all bad news.

For instance as from 6thApril we will all benefit from lower tax contributions as follows; We mere mortals will not pay tax until we earn over £8,100 pa meaning the emergency tax code will be 810L. The better off among us will be on the basic rate of 20% until they earn over £34,370 pa and the solicitors will be on higher rate of 40% until they earn over £150,000.

The bad news is that all the senior staff at local authorities will be on the super tax of 50% on their earnings of over £150,000 pa and just to highlight that Conservative run councils are not all bad, Wirral councillor Steve Foulkes, leader of the council got the boot for incompetence.

The Libs and Cons voted a conservative councillor as leader and they immediately announced a cut in council tax for the coming year.



Nick Small Snr,  Pali Ltd                                                                                                                                                                                                


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