Cartoon Characters in Legal Services Marketing: A League Table

One the more amusing consequences of what we all endearingly refer to as 'Tesco Law' is the ever-increasing number of cartoon characters that are being used to promote legal services in the UK. Be it on TV, web or print, legal service providers seem to be striving to find their very own meerkat. Time for a league table? You bet...

fido -

A faithful friend who knows the law like the back of his paw! Is the back of the paw the furry side or the side with claws? Anyway, Fido is committed to providing quality, hassle free legal services to suit his clients' needs. But is his work tidy or does he leave a mess? Does his breath leave you taking in air through your eyes as he hands over your Lasting Power of Attorney? Can you pay him in biscuits?

Fido is #1 in our list mainly because he's a dog with a sense of humour. Over at @fido4u he asks "Did everyone enjoy #crufts2012?"

wiggy -
Price comparison site's Wiggy was one of the first cartoon characters to 'grace' the UK legal market.

He's a confusing looking character is Wiggy. His body appears to double up as a face (and as a wig, of course) meaning that his legs are either attached to his chin or that his mouth is where his genitals might otherwise be. The cynics out there might suggest that he sounds every inch the lawyer.

But is he a lawyer or is he a barrister? Ah, whatever, the public need not concern themselves with such trivia.
Miss QS - quality solicitors

You've probably got some strong opinions on Quality Solicitors. Well, as it happens, I've got a pretty strong opinion on their lovely cartoon lady .... she's the hottest cartoon in our list.

If QS's WHSmiths Legal Access Points were staffed by this minx, demand for wills might rocket. Demand for divorce lawyers certainly would.

She's got a big face, though, that's for sure. Where does she put her sunglasses when she's not wearing them? She's all eyes....big, lovely eyes..... oh come on now. Enough.

Update: Craig Holt saw a John Lewis advert and has since binned her off.
Mr right -

OK, I have absolutely no idea if that's actually his name but you can imagine that's how he might introduce himself.

He's one smug looking dude and the kind of guy who, in the words of Sean Connery, "goes home and f***s the Prom Queen". Or, as is more likely the case, Miss QS. I hate him.

On a less base note, he's also the kind of guy that grandmas around the country would invite into their home. A lovely, young, trustworthy man. Someone you could, well, ask a legal question I guess.
UnderDog -

So, there is a clue in the title. He's a dog, right? All the evidence suggests he's a dog:

"No matter how serious your injury, there’s no need to feel like the underdog when it comes to seeking compensation"

Why is it then that he looks like a Weetabix? An injured Weetabix crying out for the assistance of the National Accident Helpline.

How is that a dog, under or otherwise? Seriously, tell me.

Mr lawyer -

I can't honestly tell if this is a joke or not, but here is what their own website says about Mr Lawyer:

"You'll be glad to know that finding a lawyer is about to get much better for everyone thanks to Mr Lawyer and Mrs Lawyer.

Mr Lawyer helps individuals and businesses connect with lawyers to assist with any legal issue. Normally Mr Lawyer and Mrs Lawyer work together as a great team, but it's been a busy few months and Mrs Lawyer is putting her feet up for a while. Don't worry though, Mr Lawyer will have things covered soon. "

Not much one can add to that really.

Got a cartoon avatar promoting your legal services?
Contact Richard Pettet and see if yours warrants a place in the table.

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Comment by Kerry Quinn on March 17, 2012 at 16:36

Haha - Can you pay him in biscuits? Where does she put her sunglasses?  This is brilliant! Definitely my favourite blog on Defero.

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