Number of Road Traffic Accidents on the increase

We recently commissioned some research on the subject of accidents in the UK, each year the number of people involved in Road Traffic Accidents increases. What can be done to reduce this?

Looking at the stats, it would seem that those who are most likely to be in such accidents are those aged between 20 and 24 years. There has been talk that there will be new regulations put in place to help reduce the number of road traffic accidents that occur. This is good news as long as people stick to them!

One thing which was mentioned was that in many residential areas the speed limit should be reduced from 30 to 20 mph. We can see by the thousands of people who we help who have been injured that if cars are going slower the driver has more time to react and if an accident happens it is likely to be much less severe. We would suggest that this can’t be a bad thing as less people would suffer as a result of car or motorbike collisions.  

Other government initiatives to reduce accidents include creating more speed bumps to discourage speeding. Whilst some drivers find these annoying they are an effective way to slow people down! Another suggestion was to create more pedestrian crossings to make it safer and easier for pedestrians to cross roads. Another was random sobriety tests to be administered by the police; whilst this may discourage some to think before they drink and drive it would need to be a large national initiative to make this work. They even suggested that there is training for bar staff to stop serving people who are already drunk; again I would be sceptical as to how effectively the pubs and clubs would enforce this if it hit their bottom line! The final suggestion was education being provided to young pedestrians and new drivers; this can never be a bad thing. I saw on Daybreak this morning that a poll in which they commissioned stated that 47% of new drivers did not feel that they were ready to drive and lacked confidence. If they were given more stringent education we may see this have an effect on the accident levels.

All of these suggestions could help reduce accidents and therefore prevent injury to many people in Britain which is something we would promote.

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