Proof that it's the little things that matter

The other day I was taking coffee with a friend who happens to be a group head for a prominent Midlands law firm. They aren't clients but even so she felt compelled to share this true story with me.

Some time ago they did a complex piece of litigation for a client and against the odds they won.

She arranged for a post case review to take place mostly so she could secure the next piece of work.

Her clients patiently listened whilst she went through the case with them and then when she asked how they felt it had gone they said "We were so fed up with your people being late for meetings and conference calls we measured it - on average we waited 7 minutes for them to turn up".

They now use another law firm - presumably one whose people arrive on time.

Often our clients value things that we do not: they are right and we are wrong. Deal with it.

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