You're not a "lawyer" are you?????

I am bored.  There, I've said it.  I am bored, bored, bored of listening to the nonsense that immediately falls out of the mouths of many, the moment you mention you work in law and that heaven forbid, you might have a filthy personal injury team whose hands get dirtier with every call that they make and every client that they take (eat your heart out Sting).

I don’t know the answer to this question, indeed I don’t know if anyone will have an answer, but I’ll ask it anyway.   Has anyone, ever, since time began, had a call or a letter from their insurers which read thus:- 

Dear Policyholder, 

You’ll never guess what?  We have had such an amazing year, claims have fallen, no natural disasters have occurred, we have made an absolute mint this financial year, and as a result of this we are proposing to reduce your premiums.  I know, brilliant isn’t it?   So, what we’ll do, is we’ll only take a tenner off you in January, and the rest of the year will be just £4 a month – if you renew by postal order, we’ll also throw in a couple of toy stuffed animals for your kids to fight over.  

Tara for now.

That Man at The Proo.

No, me neither.   But we are lead to believe that if it were not for the likes of injured claimants and worse, nasty lawyers, that is what would happen.  Aye, and if my uncle wore a bra, he would be my auntie.    Do the discerning public really believe that?  I don’t think they do, but because the big push against personal injury lawyers and claimants is being driven by Number 10, it seems somehow acceptable to imagine that all lawyers are big, bad, money grabbers who care nothing for their clients.

I’ve worked in law for almost 24 years and during that time I did a lot of personal injury work.  I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have given insurers the opportunity to settle claims, bills of costs, all to no avail.  The insurers have just allowed the cases to go on and on and become so disproportionate that I’ve even cringed myself.  Yet STILL, the lawyers are the ones to blame for daring to bring a claim on a client’s behalf in the first place. 

My comments only stem from a few short years in personal injury all those years ago – I have the happier job now of marketing a law firm – much nicer and shinier.    Over the years I have witnessed lawyers that I have worked alongside achieve results for clients that have changed lives.   Perhaps if Cameron and the rest of them were to sit down and speak to some of the clients that many lawyers have helped over the years, he might have gone about this in a different way.                        

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Comment by Amanda Noble-Simmons on December 14, 2012 at 12:42

Hi Gillian, After 16 years in legal marketing this is exactly why I have started Lifestyles4Lawyers a web portal that solely promotes the softer/human face of lawyers. Its the only 'good news' site for lawyers. My aim is to showcase all the work/charity/sporting/caring things lawyers do. Take a look at my spotlight on section to see what I mean.

Good article that supports my crusade!

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